Project Support


We can support you at every stage of your project from diagnostics (understand the real problem), to design (scoping the problem) to delivery (implementing a solution) to achieve concrete results.

You and your team maintain ownership of the project. We help you find support wherever and whenever you need it. Our professionals work side-by-side with your team to make sure the work gets done. This approach also ensures that your team will be part of the change process and build additional skills during the project.

Our flexibility allows you to maintain a high speed of change with just the right level of support, so that your team can run both day-to-day business and the project work successfully.

Situations we manage:

You are flooded with responsibilities and tasks with limited time to focus on management of project initiatives. You are seeking one of the following:

  • a project manager to guide your internal team
  • a facilitator to provide independent objective session for a group
  • a coach to enhance the performance for one person or a team
  • an experienced professional with specific skills to complete a project or training
  • an independent advisor to provide you and your team with an “outside-in” perspective
  • a cohesive team to execute a defined project

We work successfully with clients in all of these scenarios providing them with access to relevant consultants. We are committed to helping you increase the speed and effectiveness of your projects and achieve successful outcomes.

Individual Project Solution

To make an individual project successful, you need to have the right team members – with the right set of skills and experience relevant for the tasks at hand.
Often your internal team is well positioned to do the job, but you need specific additional skills.This is where Asia Leap is uniquely positioned to provide just the talent you need.

Asia Leap can offer you expertise customized to your requirements:

  • A project manager to guide your internal team
  • A subject matter expert to bring in critical expertise and know-how to complement your team
  • An independent advisor to coach and challenge your teams
  • An entire integrated team of external advisors when you are looking for a turnkey solution
  • We can tailor the resources to match your changing project needs – be it part-time or full-time, according to the evolving project work plan.

Portfolio Initiative Management


When you are managing a portfolio of strategic projects, you often face multiple – at first glance, conflicting – objectives:

Keep up a high speed of change vs. allow the internal team to run the day-to-day business without disruption.

Let the internal team to take ownership of key initiatives vs. have the best skills and talents on the project to make it successful.

Keep the expenses on external support in check vs. make no compromise on quality.

Asia Leap provides executives with the resources to strike the right balance and achieve these objectives simultaneously. Leveraging Asia Leap strategically among the various projects in your portfolio of initiatives will allow you to optimize the return on investment across the board.

Contact Us For Assistance


What you will experience with us when you call: When you call us, we will initiate our discussion by understanding your current project situation / business challenge and offer an assessment of your needs.

We recommend to you the relevant professionals in our team with the relevant experience to fulfil your project expectations.

We develop a few customized and flexible options for your project, based on time and resources.

Once you select an option and commission us, we ensure a seamless process to the delivery of the project solutions project and monitor the deliverables until the objectives are achieved.