Project Solutions

project-solutions01picWe offer collaborative Diagnostics, Design, Delivery practices for projects to drive meaningful results and meet budgetary efficiency. The following services addresses contemporary business challenges in projects:

Diagnostics: to assess the real issues of challenges and identify the opportunities, skills, expertise and capacity needed to make your initiatives successful. Advice, prioritization and scoping of project.

Design: engage in on-time design of the process and solutions required to address the challenges and project.

Delivery: deploying relevant professional local expertise to guide/ complement your internal team and to supplement the skills and experience required for your project. Facilitation and delivery of group sessions necessary to make progress in the project. Ongoing process monitoring and quality control during the project.

Our experience in Asia assures you of our ability to provide flexible and timely resources based on the immediate needs of the project, a razor sharp focus on delivery and impact in order to meet success, and a dedicated project team committed to ensure achievement of your goals

Client Impact & Results


Asia Leap is uniquely positioned to implement strategies and solve business challenges to deliver positive impact to our clients. Our ability to deliver results stems from a breadth of corporate experience.Asia Leap’s professionals have deep hands-on experience in a broad cross section of industries and functions.Most of our consultants have worked successfully both with top tier organisations and in line management positions. They not only have backgrounds as project managers but also direct experience in doing the work.

Our clients use Asia Leap when they want to ensure concrete results – not just conceptual strategies. Asia Leap continues to fulfil this promise. We have worked on several projects in Asia and many of our clients are repeat clients.

Clients Whom We Have Delivered Impact

Asia Leap works with leading companies around the globe.
Our client base spans multiple industries, including financial services, life sciences, consumer goods and telecommunications.
Within our client organizations, we typically work with the senior management team or heads of business units who are decision makers.
When these individuals require specialized skills or additional support on a project, they call Asia Leap for experience, flexible resources when and where they need it.